n, in which we

mly uphold multilateralism, improve global governance and jointly address global challenges▓.Macron said the meeting of C

are a leader," as wel

hinese and Euro▓pean leaders sent a positive signal to the inte▓rnational community that the EU and China firmly uphold

l as "the infr

multilateralism.France and the EU are willing to further enhance mutual trust with China, and shoulder together the hist

astructure sec

oric responsibility of promoting world peace, security and development, he said.Merkel said Germany attaches▓ importanc

tor and its supply chain

, which are ot

""In this way, we can op

ope's prosperity, and is ready to work with China to advance multilateralism.Juncker also said t

ized SMEs (small or me

and the EU in tackling climate change▓, maintaining multilateralism, enhancing t▓he role of the

UN and promoting trade connections.The convergence is a source of hope for the world, Gosset said.DEEPER UNDERSTANDINGCreating a better world requires a need for nations across the globe to better understand each other.In his 2014 keynote speech at the headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in Paris, X

i laid out his vision of civilization, one featuring diversity, equality and inclus▓iveness."We need to encourage different civilizations to respect each other and live together ▓in harmony while promoting their exchanges and mutual learning as a bridge of friendship among peoples, a driving force behind human society, and a strong bond for world p

eace," Xi said.Five years on, China is▓ joining various countries and regions to promote inter-civilization exchanges. As a result, the rest▓ of world is becoming more knowledgeable and underst▓anding of the Asian country.Sonia Bressler, a▓ French writer and sinologist who has made six trips to China, said China cannot develop without▓ the world and v

dium-sized enter

ise versa.The BRI connects ▓the Chinese dream to the world's, she said. "The Belt and Road Initiative accords with the trend of the times.""The China-Europe Railway Express has already tr▓an

prises)," said

sported goods between China and Europe. I believe I can c▓ontinue my train trips to China again in the near futur▓e," said Bressler.Prince Alb

the sen

ior diplomat.Matteo Br

ert II, head of state ▓of the Principality of Monaco, described Xi's visit t▓o his country as a "historic" one.Albert II, who h▓as traveled to China 10 times

essan, a profe

, said he was deeply impressed by China's development."China has undergone tremendous development, as evidenced by it▓s leading position

ssor on

international re

in the global economy. But what strikes me most is Xi's determination and will t▓o pursue green growth not only in China, but also at global level by parti

lations at Unive

cipating as much as possible in all discussions on climate change and the▓ protection of biodiversity," he said.The prince told Xin

rsity LUMSA, echoed Di Stefa

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